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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
The Terrorists are AI controlled (Artificial Intelligence) players run by the server. They don't follow the same rules as players; they are an Terrorists are simply pissed off at the rest of the world for being there.

Terrorist can do everything a player can do, only usually better. Everything that is bar defence, when attacking a Terrorist, (16:y) you get a +100% attack bonus. This means, you need to send less tanks to gain more resources but it works terrorist ways. Terrorist attack you back, and they can be very nasty. If you attack a terrorist you get placed on a list and every so often the Terrorist go on an attacking run and do some damage to those who attacked them.

But that's not all, Terrorists come and go often, they only stay for a while then they will return to their part of the Universe only to return again bigger and stronger than before.

The Terrorist send random messages to everyone in the game, to keep players on their toes. They also know when you are at your weakest and they know your weaknesses. If you don't have many Aircrafts they will Aircraft attack you, if you're open in Tanks then they will attack you and take land. They will also use their special Black Ops Units and sensors and share information with each other.

=Terrorist Alert Level=
Threat level is a special indicator of your status with the Terrorist and in the world. The higher your threat level the higher the chance of you being attacked by a terrorist. The higher your threat level, the nastier the attacks get (3 being a few tank/aircraft attacks a few times a day, 10 being missile attacked, many times a day) If your threat level is above 2 then you can and WILL be attacked by a terrorist, its just a matter of when, how, and how bad!

Threat level is worked out as a game balancing tool. For those players who are super active and attack all the time their threat levels will be much higher.

Losses and kills will help decrease your level.
Other factors that may determine your Threat level are below:
Condition Threat Level value
Attacker as play type - 1
Explorer as play type + 1
100,000 + Land + 1
200,000 + land + 1
300,000 + land + 1
400,000 + land + 1
600,000 + land + 1
800,000 + land + 1
1,000,000 + land + 1
1,500,000 + land + 1
2,500,000 + land + ~5
More Networth than largest terrorist + 1
Top 10 in any scores + 1
Commander of country + 1
Launched missiles lately? + 1
Terrorist declared war on your Country + 3
Holding offensive missile + 1
Country is System Attacking Terrorists + 1 (depends how many times you fleet terrors)

There is however two ways to lower your threat level so you can be that little more aggressive on those Monday mornings at work/school.
Donate $10 to Modern-War-Generals via the Threat level button near Counter-Terrorist Fund to get -2 to your threat level for the full round!
OR, there is a option called Counter-Terrorist Fund, located on the main page is a way of lowering your Threat rating. When your Counter-Terrorist Fund has money in it, every hour it is paId to the Terrorist. It then lowers your threat rating by 2 points. Your Counter -Terrorist Fund also has a second bonus. Other players cannot Scan or touch in any way the money you have in there, SO it acts as a safe bank for your extra money that you can withdraw when you need it.


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