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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength

In the attack room you have 4 options to choose from, 4 of them are different types of attacks the other is the status of your military.

You cannot attack players that:
Are locked by Admin.
In Holiday Mode.
In Noobie Mode.
Are less than one third your networth, unless you are at war.
Are more than third your networth your size, unless you are at war.

Military status has a table that displays all military affairs. If your army is out to war it will show how many of each unit are gone and when they will return.

=Attack Types=

Aircraft Attacks:
This type of attack is used to weaken the enemie's defending force. Only Aircrafts can respond quickly enough to defend off Aircraft attacks, or if you have Patriot Missiles they will defend too, If successful in a Aircraft attack, you could destroy up to 10% of the enemies Tank and Aircraft fleet. You will always lose a small % of Aircrafts in any attack no matter how large or small the enemy's defences are. If you fail, you will lose 10% of the attacking fleet.

Tank Attacks:
These are the main attacks for every player. These are the tanks you will need to attack with to capture enemy land so you can build on them yourself. During a successful Tank attack you can kill up to 10% of enemy Tanks. You gain 10% of the enemy's money, metal, and population. You also destroy oil reserves of your enemy. You can also destroy the enemy Patriot Missiles.However, you will always lose a small % of Tanks (Even if you send 1 tank, you will lose that tank). in any attack no matter how large or small the enemy's defences are. If you fail, you will lose 10% of the attacking fleet.

Tank Attack Gains:
*Attacking someone larger than you in Land you gain 12%
*Attacking someone smaller than you in land you gain 6%
*Attacking a terrorist you gain 10-12%

Below Applys for "active" members only NOT in your own Country and REGARDLESS of war status

*Attacking someone 1/2 your size in networth you gain 4%
*Attacking someone 1/4 your size in networth you gain 2%
*Attacking someone 1/6 your size in networth you gain 1%
*Attacking someone 1/8 your size in networth you gain 0.05%

*Minimal grab is 30 land UNLESS the above rules apply
*Inactives do not apply to the above rules

Bombers Attacks:
A bomber attack works differently to the others as it targets specifically the population of the enemy; each cloak attack ship has a number of hunter seeker droids. When sent to attack a player, the cloak ship gets into range and launches its droids at the enemy residential blocks. Each droid has a 50% chance of success. And if successful it destroys the residence block it hit and all the population living within it. (Population spreads evenly across all your residential blocks).

Defending Bombers Attacks:
Defending against bombers attacks is very important, if you lose your residence your population will not grow and the number will be very low leaving you open to being killed off by kidnapping Black Ops Units.

There are two ways to defend off a bombers attack. Firstly anti-bombers. these are Aircrafts that have special sensors that can detect bombers. The anti-bombers patrol your space and if they find incoming bombers they will engage them and destroy as many as they can find. this is the only way bombers can be lost in a attack, is if the defender has anti-bombers. The The more bombers sent, the more losses.

The Second line of defence is to have many Patriot Missiles built and online and cloak detector pod researched. ' The Patriot Missiles target the hunter seeker droids and destroy as many as they can before they hit the residence.

With anti-bombers and a good number of Patriot Missiles a player can limit the damage done or fully defend the attack. However players that specialize in bombers attacks are usually almost imposable to defend off.

Missile Attacks:
EMP and bunker buster missiles can be fired from a players account in attack and aimed directly at a target. However unless your Country has researched missile guidance (see Country treasury) they only have a 50% chance of finding the target you selected, if they do not find the target they auto destruct. Many Country's will build and save missiles all round to be used against larger players in massive strikes.

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