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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Edit Account=
Change Password:
This is where you can change your password. It's pretty self-explanatory. Simply enter in your old password and then enter in your new password in the boxes below. Click on change password, and it will be done. You will have to relogin afterwords.

Vacation Mode: If you plan on being away from your computer for a day and don't want your kingdom to be left helpless, you can put it into Vacation Mode. To do this, simply click on Activate Vacation Mode. Once activated, this will put your account into a waiting vacation mode for 24 revolutions. (Takes 6 revolutions to get to this state, so have money in your bribe fund!)
Once your account has successfully been put into vacation mode, it will be frozen in time, not gaining or losing resources. Vacation mode is not a way to hide from war and you can be attacked during wartime. To end vacation mode simply log into your account. Once you have logged into your account, the vacation mode is instantly disabled and your account returns to it's normal status.

Deleting your account:
If you decide you no longer wish to play and want to delete your account, you may do it here. Simply type in your password and click on Delete Account. This will log you out of the game and put your account into a deletion status. It takes 12 revolutions to delete your account so be careful, as you cannot sign up again during this time as the Country thinks you still have an account. NOTE: Once you chose to delete your account, it cannot be restored. It is completely deleted.

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