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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength

Building is the heart of your kingdom. The idea is to find a working balance for your strategy, to get a good income and to keep your defences strong.

To build land just simply enter in the desired number of each Building and select Construct Buildings and press the carry out orders button. Above the table is a description of how many free land you have and how many you can build with your current Money and metal. It also shows you the total cost to build on all your vacant platforms. If you wish to demolish Buildings so you can build different ones you can select Demolish and then hit the carry out orders button.

Name Task Description
Residence Supports 100 population. Residence holds 100 population, there more population you have the more money you make per revolution, and each residence defines how much population you will receive per revolution naturally. The formula for this is residence * 1 = population received. As you can see by this, the more residence you have, not only the more population you can actually have, but the more population you will actually make per revolution. Simply put. Residences are VERY important, Do not Neglect the building of them.

Supply Depots Supports 100 crew. Supply depot (barracks) is where your crew remain when not in combat, each supply depot
contains the amenities that a crew person uses, when
not in combat. Each supply Depot Can house 100 crew,
There are ways you can support more crew than can be
Adequately housed, but your crew will I'm sure become
Air Fields Supports 20 Aircrafts. Air Field allows the construction
Of Aircrafts, without Air Fields, a Aircraft has no place to land. If you have Aircrafts, and are attacked, and lose land (some of which are your Air Fields). You will not be able to build any more Aircrafts until you build more Air Fields. Each Aircraft pad has 20 spaces, some Aircrafts require 2 or more spaces (to land safely) please see the Aircraft table, for the amount of spaces that any given Aircraft will occupy.
Metal Mines Makes 250 metal per rev. A mine gathers (slowly but surely) the metal from the surrounding land
Each mine you own will Gather 250 Metal Per Revolution. A mine is susceptible to
Bunker Buster missiles (See help page on Missiles).
Oil Pump Collects 300 oil per rev. A oil pump gathers oil, each one you own gathers 300 oil per revolution.
Markets Makes 650 credits per rev. A market allows economic stability, thus produces an income, it is the only building in Modern-War-Generals that does so, Each market produces an income of 650 money per revolution.
Missile Silo Holds 1 missile (defensive or offensive). A missile silo, holds (missiles - Bet you didn't guess that huh?). Each missile silo holds a maximum of 1 missile, whether it be a defensive one or an offensive one. (Missiles must be researched) the ability to hold them is not researched, thus you can actually buy them off the black market (see BLACK MARKET HELP) without having never researched them.
Black Ops Barracks Holds 100 Black Ops Units, builds 1 Black-ops per rev. (Each Black-Ops will give you 1 networth). A Black-ops silo, holds and manufactures Black Ops Units. (see help on Black Ops Units). One Black-ops silo can hold 100 Black-ops, and each Black-ops silo you own will manufacture 1 Black-ops per revolution, thus If you have 50 Black-ops barracks, each revolution you will make 50 Black Ops Units. Black Ops Units can also be Manufactured by visiting the Black-ops room, to manufacture a Black-ops, it will cost terrorist Money, and Steel. Or conversely you can buy Black Ops Units from the Black Market (see help on BLACK MARKET).
Patriot Missile Banks Supports 10 Patriot Missiles. Patriot missiles missiles defend against Bomber's Hunter Droids. They are the only defense against these deadly weapons (unless the bombers are destroyed before they can release them--Anti Bombers). (Patriot Missiles must be researched, before you can build Patriot missiles support platforms however and they take oil to keep them online. (see Help file on Research, Patriot Missiles and Oil Allocation).
Steel Mill Makes 550 metal per rev uses 700 oil per rev. Steel makers, make the metal Steel by combining, nano technology, and futuristic advances, for garnering metal from space. Each Steel maker Makes 550 Steel per revolution, but requires 700 oil to run. Steel makers must also be turned ON in the oil allocation room, before they become active, which takes 3 revolutions.
Oil Rig Makes 1300 oil per rev. oil is the third of the 3 needed resources. You need them to build and to attack players. The oil Rigs are not vulnerable to Black-ops assaults. A much more advanced and more protected building than the Oil Pump. This Building must be researched.

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