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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Late Start=
Are you starting late in the round? Or died and joining again? Don't worry, we have you covered. In Modern-War-Generals we give players who start late in the round extra resources to begin with and we also give them some already completed research. The later in the round you start, the more resources / research tasks you will receive for free. This is established so players don't have an overwhelming advantage over new players. No other online game does this, it is another unique addition to the game added because we know how frustrating it is to start late with nothing and see the big players get all the perks. We have you covered here!

Below is a list of what research you get when you start late.

72 revs into the game (1 1/2 days)
F-18 Hornet's (Aircraft)
LAV-Anti-Tank's (Tank)
M1 Abram's's (Tank)
336 revs into the game (1 week)
M2 Bradley's (Tank)
M1A2 Abram's (Tank)
Patriot Missile's (Building Patriot Missiles)
AH-64 Apache's (Aircraft)
Oil Rig's (Building)
672 revs into the game (2 weeks)
Steel Mill's (Building)
Rockets Mark I (upgrade)
Rockets Mark II (upgrade)
840 revs into the game (3 weeks)
Interceptor Missile's (missile)
Ablative Armour (upgrade)
Metal Refining (upgrade)
1008 revs into the game (4 weeks)
Shells Mark I (upgrade)
Shells Mark II (upgrade)
Rockets Mark III (upgrade)

It's also important to note, if your starting late in a round, you should be active in you Country forums. Communicate with your leaders. If you are active and the leaders are kind, they WILL send you aid to help you grow. And that will make all the difference in getting a good foothold.

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