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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Missile Factory=
If you want to destroy someone's resources and units, therefore and damaging their ability to defend, or if the kingdom is too strong for you, then you should build offensive missiles. They are especially effective if donated to country. (Storm Missiles and Nuclear Missiles are automatically donated to country. Other missiles, except Interceptor Missiles [which cannot be used in Country Treasury], must be donated to Country Treasury manually).

There are two ways to fire the smaller missiles. Firing from the Country command room, they cannot hit specific targets however they do not cost oil to launch and they have a 100% chance of finding their target [but not necessarily hitting them, like if the country has AIMs). Once launched they hit random targets within a Country after 6 revs (3 hours).

EMP and bunker buster missiles can be fired from a players account in attack and aimed directly at a target. However unless your Country has researched missile guidance (see Country treasury) they only have a 50% chance of finding the target you selected, if they do not find the target they auto destruct. Many Country's will build and save missiles to be used against larger players in massive strikes.

Keeping offensive missiles in your personal barracks increases your threat level, so it is recommended that you donate EMP and bunker buster missiles to the Country treasury, this also allows your leaders to use them more effectively and use them at a time of war.

=Offensive missiles=
There are four types of offensive missiles, each with a different cost and ability. Below is a table of the missiles available, costs, what they do:

Name Description
EMP Missile Destroys 15% of all docked Tanks and Aircrafts and sets all. Turns off Missile Defense, Steel Mills and Patriot missiles.
Bunker Buster Missile ("metal missile") Destroys 50% of metal mines owned by the players and destroys the players current metal storage.
It DOES NOT affect Steel Mills
Storm Missile If launched at a Country, and the target Country treasury does not have any advanced interceptors, this missile explodes at the border of a Country creating a type of cylcone that can last a few revs to a few days, depending on how many missiles have been fired.
The effect does build from additional hits with a 50% effectiveness (ie. second hit is additional 1-12 revolutions)
Nuclear Missile One Nuclear Missile will destroy 20% of all your countries land, 25% of all tanks, and 50% of all population. It will also render all metal you have stored useless.

=Defensive missiles=
Defending yourself against a Missile:
If a Country decides to launch [massive] missile strikes on a Country, it could be very bad. Luckily there is a defence option for those people who feel they need it. If you are scared that you will be hit by a missile or is in threat of being hit, defensive missiles are for you. There are two types of missiles to defend yourselves with: the Interceptor and the Advanced Interceptor. A table below shows costs and how many are needed to stop incoming missiles. Advanced Interceptors can only be researched once Interceptors have been researched.

Name Description
Interceptor 1-3 Interceptor missiles stops 1 incoming attack missile. Not effective in Country Treasury, or in Sector Treasury. However, they CAN be stored in Sector Treasury.
*Must be Researched*
Advanced Interceptor 1-2 Advanced Interceptors stops 1 incoming attack. Effective in Country Treasury.
*Must be Researched*
**not available until Interceptor missiles researched**

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