=Welcome to Modern-War-Generals Help=
This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Oil Allocation=
The oil room is very important room. Here, is where you control your oil allocation, and can view your oil status. When you first load this page, you will see your income of oil, your oil usage and your difference. If your difference is negative it is advised you build more oil producing facilities as soon as possible or you turn off one of the oil requiring Country's until you have enough oil to support it.

Just about everything in Modern-War-Generals, runs on oil The tanks you own. All your Steel makers, Patriot Missiles (when you have researched, and built them), your offensive and defensive missiles.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see options Enabling you to either turn off, or on, your Steel makers, and Patriot Missiles, also your missile defence.

Having Negative oil in Modern-War-Generals is O.K., as long as you have oil left over your storage of oil reaches zero EVERYTHING (Steel Mills, Patriot MIssiles, Missile Defence)will be turned off. Therefore it is wise to make sure, even if you are producing a negative amount per revolution, that you have ample oil in storage. oil can also be purchased from the black market (see black market help)

Once opted to do so each system takes three revolutions to be brought online, and the cost to do this is the oil it would take to run the systems for one revolution. If you ever reach 0 oil all system's are shut offline and you will need to restart them.
=Oil System's=

Missile Defence:

This takes 100,000 oil per missile once brought online. It is advised once you have missiles and you are at alert yellow or higher you should have this online to protect yourself from incoming offensive missiles that could greatly damage you.

Patriot Missiles:

Excellent for defence. Unfortunately they take 250 oil each to keep online. Patriot Missiles can only be built and therefore brought online once you have researched them. In addition to general defence, once the cloak detector has been researched Patriot Missiles help defend against bomber attacks by targeting the hunter droids as they approach your residence

Steel Mills:
Metal is the heart of all tanks and land. Unfortunately supply of this resource is limited so general "mines" that collect it from the land are not enough to supply a larger kingdom with its metal needs. Unless their player type is Miner. Thankfully your scientists can research for you a Steel Mill. These devices produce a large amount of the resource for an oil cost. Keeping these online will ensure a steady supply of metal to you once you build them.

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