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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Player Types=
Below is some information about the different player types in Modern-War-Generals. The different play types each have mods that affect a player in game. Chose wisely, as you cannot change types once signed up. A hidden advantage in player-types is that you don't know which play types players have chosen. To find out, you must take an educated guess on what your enemy has chosen, for example, Miners would make more metal than most players. If you see a player that makes 50,000,000 metal a rev, but only 10,000,000 money a rev, chances are he is a miner.

Type Research Population Money Metal Oil Build Cost Explore Cost Explore Max Attack Defence Attack Return Time
Standard-5 %5 %--------
Attacker--10 %----30 %20 %-50 %50 %-10 %-20 %
Economist-10 %-65 %-25 %25 %-10 %-10 %-10 %-10 %-10 %
Explorer----10 %--15 %-90 %899 %-50 %50 %20 %
Miner--10 %10 %150 %-60 %15 %---15 %-
Reasercher100 %-25 %-10 %-10 %--10 %--10 %10 %

Note: Researchers have 100% bonus on research, meaning every scientists gives 2 SRPs instead of 1.

Guideline to picking a type of player, by Eddy.
Picking your type of player is one of the most crucial decisions of the game. It can influence everything when you play. I have written up this guideline as to which might be the best for each type of player.
Standard: Standard is a very interesting type of player to pick. You play with only 2 advantages of +5% of money and population. However, you get no other disadvantages. I recommend this one for real first timers. It is very handy if you want to be 100% self dependant.

Attacker: Attacker's main benefit is the 50% attack bonus. This player type is good for attack. You only have to send half the units to have a successful attack, which can be crucial to your defense. One downside is, being an attack and attacking alot, you will have a higher threat level. That is all resolved with the -1 TL that automatically comes with your player type. One last downside is there is a -10% to defense, so it all levels out. Build cost is -15%, so the game is being a bit nice =)

Economist: This player type is for those who want to be money makers. This is not the best way to play, because they will have to depend much on the Black market for most of their resources, and, from experience, I can tell you now that stuff on the black market will go crazy.

Explorer: Already, +1 terrorist level is not pretty. However, the cost for exploring is alot cheaper, which is handier through the beginning of the game. There is also a very nice 50% defense bonus, which means the enemy would have to send twice as units to win a battle. The return time is -20%, so that can be a bit of a pain, especially with a -50% attack, meaning you need twice as many units to win a battle.

Miner: Miners are the real business men. With 150% bonus, they can be making alot of metal and selling on the black market for prices ranging from 2 to, sometimes 10! Metal is the 2nd of the needed resources, and it is very, very useful. With a +15%, they can be very useful. However, Steel Mills, being the obvious choice for most miners, use up alot of your oil. With a -60% oil, that can be tough on the industry! But oil is alot more common then metal, so there is an upside, as usual =)

Researcher: These guys will make more money at the beginning of the round then at the end. Researchers get a 100% research bonus, which means all scientists make 2 Sellable Research Points, instead of the usual 1. They can sell for very high prices at the beginning of the round, where they are desperately needed, and they can be sold at lower prices, when they are not needed as much. However, researchers get a -10% attack return time, but it is helped with a 10% defence. They have negatives on each of their needed resources, so it can be tough at the beginning of the round.

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