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Written by Strength
=Player Tips=
Some players in Modern-War-Generals have given some time to make up helpful guides and tips for new players. Simple to the point comments sometimes and others are longer full guides of how to play

=Kern County=
Topic: Tips
Don't concentrate solely on Aircrafts, or Solely on Tanks. You can FAVOUR Tanks, but don't forget to build the other and vice versa. This is important because if you lax in one area. You will die during a war. So do whatever you like, Aircrafts or Tanks but always have enough in reserve to defend yourself. That's the number one priority
Topic: Tips
The best tip I can give for newbie is to enjoy the game no matter how hard to win a war. And remember not to destroy people who are friendly enough for you, because I rather choose friends than enemies even in this game. And don't feel sorry if you don't land even on top 100. As long as you enjoy and you don't cheat, it's worth the effort you give. You can learn the game through patience.

"It's not winning the game that most...
...but it is how you play the game." (anon.)

Topic: Tips
make sure you always have enough tanks at home so players who you attack dont find you open and get their mates to retalliate

Topic: Tips
If your country declares war against terrorists, and you have a low threat
rating - don't be afraid to attack a terrorist or two.
Use the Terrorist News to see which terrorists have just attacked someone,
and you can hit them while their forces are away.
Be careful though, and leave forces at home for defense, because when you
hit a terrorist you WILL eventually get hit back.
-Signed SirCameron

Topic: Tips
Building tips
use this to get the best benift of your player type
Attacker- 50% or more supply depots
Econ-50% Markets
Exploer- 25% supply depots, 25% markets, 20% oil rigs
miner-50% metal mines or steel mills

other player types i havent really played.
Signed Berlin of Germany

=Yours here!=
Topic: Tips
Simply type something up and send it to eddyj90@gmail.com

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