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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Special Ops Room=

The special ops room. You need to have built black ops barracks first. Once you enter the special ops room, you will discover that you have the ability to manufacture Black Ops Units assuming you have the correct resources: 400 credits, 200 metal and 25 oil.

Black Ops Unit attacks and returns are instantaneously. It is worthy to note, that each and every Black Ops Barracks, due to the nature of the operations and the training required will produce one Black ops unit every revolution. More Black Ops units will require terrorist a monetary cost, and metal. Due to the nature of Black Ops Units, only 1 attack per revolution is practical.

However should you choose not to use your allotted attack for that revolution, they will accumulate to a total of 15, anymore than 15 is deemed unworkable.

Hence only 15 attacks at once will only ever be possible (if upgraded via research, then 20 is max) [Note: Each rev, you gain 1 more attack capability. They DO rollover.]. One Black Ops Barracks will hold 100 Black Ops Units, and will train 1 unit per rev every rev for free; more Black Ops Units will need to be trained as required. Black Ops Units are a good way of weakening an enemy; however black-op attacks can get very, very expensive (in the cost of Black Ops Units, terrorist on a successful attack, and more importantly a failure)

On a successful attack you will lose a percentage of your Black Ops Units, from 1% up to 10%
On a failed attack you will ALWAYS lose 10%
So if you send 100,000 Black Ops Units, and fail you lose 10% so in this case it would be 10,000 Black Ops Units, if you look at the cost of making them, you will see it's a very expensive prospect. Black-ops can do the following:


We will now explain the attacks in order.
The explanations will assume that you have been successful in your Black-ops attack, and will explain what each attack does.

=Black-ops Attack Missions=
Black-ops Mission Description
STATUS OF MEMBER Status of member, also known as SOM. When succesfully taking a SOM, it will be posted in your Country's Forums) This attack when successful, will show you the main page of your enemy (the page when you first log in). The amount of money/oil/population/Steel they should receive next revolution (before taxes). How many Patriot Missiles they have (if they have them), how many buildings they have, and their threat level (see help on threat level). Using the SOM you can calculate exactly how many tanks you will need to send for a successful attack against your enemy. (An SOM is usually a precursor to being attacked).
STATUS OF MILITARY Status of military, when successful this will show you the status of the enemies military (exactly as you would see it, from the attack room to military status), it shows what tanks are out, the return time of those tanks; and what tanks your enemy currently has building.
STATUS OF RESEARCH Status of research, when successful, this attack will show you exactly what your enemy has researched, this attack seems to be very under- utilized. Again this attack mirror images what you would see if you were in your own research room looking at your research status, remember though you are looking at your enemies status, not your own.
STATUS OF BUILDING Status of Buildings, when successful this attack shows exactly how many of each building your enemy has, and what exactly is building at the moment of the scan, again this attack is very under-utilized.
STATUS OF OIL Status of oil, when successful this attack will show your enemies oil room, there you can see what is draining his/her oil; you can also see if your enemy's Patriot Missiles are online, or offline. If they have missile defences that are online, this is a very utilized attack usually a precursor to a major attack, or a missile attack.
STEAL CREDITS Steal credits, when successful this attack steals approximately 10% of your enemy's available money.
STEAL METAL Steal Steel, when successful this attack steals approximately 10% of your enemy's available Steel.
KIDNAP POPULATION Kidnap population, when successful this attack will steal approximately 10% of your enemy's available population, it is worthy to note that players can be killed by stealing population via Black Ops Units.
POISON CREW Poison crew, this attack when successful will kill off anywhere from 2% to 25% of your enemy's available crew. (Available crew = crew not assigned to tanks).
SABOTAGE OIL PUMP Sabotage oil pump, this attack when successful will destroy oil pumps, thus disrupting your enemy's oil supply (assuming they aren't using oil oil rigs). The amount of oil pumps destroys is totally random however.
SUICIDE OF ENEMIES PATRIOT MISSILES Suicide on enemies Patriot Missiles, when successful this attack, will activate small bomb let charges in each of your Black Ops Units, which will then make their way to the enemy's Patriot Missiles and subsequently blow up. Consequently you will lose all the Black Ops Units that you send, and the amount of Patriot Missiles destroyed is a random number from 5% up to 60%. A very expensive attack this is, only used in the direst of circumstances.
Building Black Ops Units:
Black Ops Units build are trained for no cost automatically [until limit is reached] by Black Ops Barracks each revolution but can also be built in the Black-ops room if you need a boost in your Black-ops numbers for a cost. Plain and simple, the more barracks you have the more Black Ops Units you will receive each revolution and the more Black Ops Units you can support. Each Black-ops barrack can hold 100 Black Ops Units.

Attacking with Black Ops Units:
To attack with Black Ops Units you need a target. Choose the target by browsing the sectors of an enemy Country or maybe just fat targets. Once a target is found you can start probing their kingdom. The chance of a successful Black-ops mission depends on several factors:

How many Black Ops Units you have in comparison to how much land you, and your enemy has
How many Black Ops Units the enemy has in comparison to amount of Black Ops Units you send

The mission you are undertaking, each mission has a increased difficulty and results in higher losses and increased difficulty

Each kingdom gains the ability to Black-ops once more per revolution. If you do not use your probing that hour, it will be accumulated to the next revolution, allowing you to Black-ops twice on the next revolution and so fourth. You can only accumulate up to a maximum of 15 Black-ops uses.

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