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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
Research in Modern-War-Generals is extremely important. It could mean the difference between sending 10,000 tanks to attack to only needing to send 1,000, or maybe even 500! Researching new technologies from the great archives allows you to construct new tanks, land and greatly improve your status in the Country and in the world. Unfortunately research takes much time so you will need to choose what branch you will to develop. Will you research defensive things, offensive or perhaps income or something much more sinister?

At the top of the research page you will see a option to train scientists, you will need "population" to train scientists and Scientists cost 1150 to build and 10 to disband.

Some research tasks cannot be done until its perquisite has been fully researched. Once a task is finished it is removed from the research tasks screen forever, but as proof that it has been researched you may check the research status page to check the status of all research. The link to the research status page is located at the top of the research page.
=Research Tasks=
Sellable Research Points:
These are the BEST thing to invest your scientists into. Simply because they are always working. If you place your scientists on a task and it is completed then they are wasted for revs until you return and re-assign them. In Sellable points they are never wasted. Sellable research points can be set to any task, they can also be donated to your Country and they can also be sold/bought on the black market, generally for high prices.
WARNING: Finishing a task with Sellable research points that has scientists working on it. those scientists will be unavailable until the next hour. You should remove them first then apply the points

Bonuses increase as your points within them increase. The more land you have the more points you will need to max out the research bonus. The maximum for all bonuses is 25%. (Tip: Try to keep it around there. Dont be afraid to add more points then necessary!)
Population - increases the amount of population you get each revolution.
Income - increases your credits income per revolution.
oil - increases your oil income per revolution.

Researching Aircrafts allows you to have more advanced Aircrafts. For information on these tanks see the military page.

Researching Tanks allows you to have more advanced Tanks. Once you research the basic tanks the more advanced ones become available. For information on these tanks see the military page.

For more information on each missile, see the missile page of help. Each missile does different things so make sure you know what you're looking for. Advanced Interceptors cannot be built until you have researched Interceptor's

Weapon Research:
Weapon bonuses are split into two possible research trees. One is offence the other defence. You can research terrorist with time, but the more advanced the bonus, the more points needed to research it. So it will take a long time to research all the possible bonuses. Of course you cannot research mark II until you have researched mark I etc. Weapon bonuses affect all tanks once researched all tanks are automatically upgraded by the % stated. An easy way to work this out in an attack is calculate your offence/defence points then times it by the % level or research.

For example Rockets Mark I is 2% bonus so you times your attack points by 1.02 to get your bonus level.

(Unit offence) (Patriot missiles defence)
Rockets Mark I + 2%
Rockets Mark II + 4%
Rockets Mark III + 6%
Rockets Mark IV + 8%
Rockets Mark V + 10%
Uranium Rockets + 20%

(Unit Defence)
Shells Mark I + 2%
Shells Mark II + 4%
Shells Mark III + 6%
Shells Mark IV + 8%
Shells Mark V + 10%
Uranium Shell + 20%

Building Research:

This is where you can research new Land that are better than the standard ones. To view what each Building does read the land page The only acceptation here is the cloak Detector Array. This is an upgrade to Patriot Missiles and only can be researched once Patriot Missiles have been researched. This task allows Patriot Missiles to attack incoming bomber's hunter droids.

Other Research:
Cloaking Device - allows construction of anti-bombers
metal Refining - gives a 10% set increase on your metal income
Shields - gives approximately between 10-25% less losses in all battles. Also creates a shield around your kingdom which gives you a 20% chance that any given missile(s) that the missile will go off course, and eventually self destruct, leaving you harmless.

=Master Research Tasks=
Master Research is only available once ALL other compliable research has been finished, You can research any 5 [and only 5] of the following. Once you started researching, you cannot stop it, so choose wisely!

Master Research Tasks:
Name Function
Cloning vats x2 pop income
Enhanced Black Ops Training x1.5 Black-ops income (You recieve 50% more Black Ops per rev)
Black Ops Infiltration Tactics + 5 max stored Black-ops attempts/runs
Counter Intelligence Under ground Black-op units: you can see who probed you, even if they did not fail
Black Ops Weapon Training Black ops Units will destroy 1% enemy Black Ops Units on all successful missions
Nos Upgrade Cuts down your return time, even after Forward Attack Posts
Anti-Bomber Upgrade anti-bombers are twice as affective
Bomber Upgrade +2 hunter droids for all your bombers
Patriot PAC-3 +2.5 defence Patriot Missiles vs. Aircrafts and +15 vs. Tanks
Enhanced Metal Refining additional 15% metal Income

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