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Written by Strength
=Black Market=
Black Market
The black market, is a worldwide trading Country, encompassing every Country.
From the black market, it is possible to trade every known resource in the game, From oil, Population and crew. To Steel, Missiles, Platforms (if you have an excess), to even tanks (Unit trading is only just being introduced this beta).
It is possible to terrorist buy, and sell from the black market.
And astute players, can make an unbelievable fortune from using the black market wisely.

To sell an item, or item(s) simply click the sell button at the top of the page. Then go to the bottom, type in the amount of your selected item, then the drop down menu will give you the resource type, then type in the money amount that you wish to sell for. It's as simple as that. Remember though, that the black market relies on players to make purchases, therefore if you try and sell an item for too high a value, no player may actually purchase it. It will take up to 4 revolutions for your goods to appear on the black market, and they will stay on the market for 48 hours. Your goods will only be visible though, if they are within the price range. If someone undercuts you with a price, i.e. sells cheaper than you, then your goods will go back into waiting mode, until the previous lot of cheaper goods are sold. There is also a tax involved with the black market, once you sell an item, you Country's treasury will retain a portion of your goods as tax. (if these are tanks, the tanks will go towards the Country Army, see Country Army help)
If an item that you place on the black market is sold, you will receive the money instantly, (or when you refresh a page, assuming you are online at the time)
It is not possible to sell something you don't own.

To buy an item off the black market, simply click the black market button, from the main page.
Once loaded, it will show exactly what is being sold, and at what price.
I.e. you will see all the resource types, the price they are currently commanding.
If a price is acceptable to you, (the game will inform you how many of a particular item you can purchase with your current money, after Taxes ) simply type in the AMOUNT then click the button below.
Your new resources are available for use instantly.
In the case with land, you may build upon them instantly.
In the case with tanks, You may NOT buy them from the black market until  you have researched them
It is a good way however to increase your fleet instantly, especially if you fear an attack is imminent, or you are feeling particularly weak at the time.
Quick Note: On the MAX BUY option, click on the link will buy the maximum of that product that you can get.

Status Of Goods
The last button on the black market page, is (status of goods), this button when pressed, will show you exactly what you have for sale on the black market, or if it is in the queue to be placed on the market.
If your items are on the market, it will show you how long (out of 48 hours) it has to go to be sold, or you get your items back. Minus the tax you originally paid of course.

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