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This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Modern-War-Generals so you can play it most successfully. If you read everything in this guide, you can get to understand this game much faster.

Written by Strength
=Country Treasury=
The Country Treasury is very important to any Country. If managed correctly and well supported by all players it can mean the difference between victory and defeat in times of need. The treasury is visible to everyone in the Country after activating their account. For all members it will show what is currently in your Country's treasury.

Resources can go into the treasury 3 ways. Firstly is donations. Any member can donate any resource to the treasury at any time. NOTE: Only players with 100,000 Networth or more can donate.

The second way is through setting an income Tax rate of 0 to 10%. The Tax rate is for money, metal, population and oil. All tax goes into the treasury every rev
NOTE: kingdoms in nooby mode are not taxed

The third way is through donations from other Country's. As a Country you can send aid, bribes, trade or a ransom whatever the condition to another Country. Only a commander or council player with the trade room password can send resources.

Country Research:
Country research works much like personal research tasks with one difference. It's on a much larger scale. Any kingdom within a Country can assign scientists to a Country research task. If that person wishes to remove their own scientists they can do so at any time. The research screen shows your scientists assigned to the task and the total scientists assigned Country wide.

The available tasks are:
Foward Attack Posts - once researched decrease Country attack return times by 20% forward attack posts work for free once built, can never be destroyed but are offline if your Country has been hit by a storm missile for the time the affects of that missile last. Missile Guidance - once researched, during war time a Commander will have the option of selecting a specific sector to launch the missiles at instead of just launching missiles at a Country randomly, without missile guidance researched a player has only 50% chance to reach his/her desired target (not necessarily hitting it) , but with Missile guidance researched a player will reach the target 100% of the time.
NOTE: Advanced Interceptor Missiles are the only defence against the storm. And they are only affective in the Country treasury. So it is recommended once players feel they have enough of these missiles in their own barracks for defence, that they donate to the Country to defend against the annoying storm missiles that could take away your advantage of speed and put you into a disadvantage.

Command Options:
If you are a Commander or you have a job in the Country assigned to you by the commander you will have options in this screen.

If you have a job in the Country you will see options to enter the command centre and the trade room. Your commander will set access passwords for these rooms and if you have them you will have full access within those rooms.

For the Commander you will see several more options.
setting passwords for the rooms is done here, you will have the option to set a password to protect your Country's restricted room so only yourself or specific staff can enter the rooms. ONLY kingdoms you selected to have jobs will have the option to enter the passwords to enter the rooms.

Setting the tax rate is also done here, simply click the number from the fro down menu and the that will be the % tax rate for all kingdoms within the Country whom are out or nooby mode.

You can also change the log in message for your Country. This message will be displayed at the top of the main page during signup along with the alert status of your Country and admin notices. Type in the message you wish to be displayed and then click change welcome message.

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