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This is the place you come to signup to Modern-War-Generals. Please compleate all the feilds below as they are all madatory. Also please entere a valid email address as once you join you will receive an signup code. You will need this to start playing on your account as once enter your account for the first time you will be asked for this code to activate your account.

if you are planning on making the account just to create an inactive in your system then this is pointless as it can result in you being frozen and all accounts that arnt activated before they come out of Protected Mode are deleted by a automated script that runs every day.

Signup to a Private Country click here
Private Country can be bought by contacting ADMIN. and can only be entered if the user has a password. They also start with bonus recourses and they have 20 points that can be used to increase attack, income, research and return times.

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